Hunter and Julie Moore

Hunter and Julie Moore
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It's ALL GOOD :-)

It's ALL GOOD :-)



Moore Family February 2011

Moore Family February 2011

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THE Johnston-Flake Gang
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Johnston Family

Johnston Family



Saturday, December 8, 2007

Building a Snowman

The group of munchkins gathered a good amount of snow--so they could build the first snowman of the year. WE LOVE THE SNOW!!

Mariah and Haley

Haley's father is in his last semester of law school--they will be leaving soon. Mariah will be devastated--and so will we! We have loved spending time with these great families. Haley's family will be heading off to Wichita where her father just got a fabulous job. This law-school experience is filled with a lot of short-term relationships. We sure are grateful we've had time--even if it's short--with Haley and her family.

Prepping for the SNOWBALL FIGHT!

Amber and Michayla horded large amounts of snow for snowballs and a snowman. It's wonderful enjoying the winter perks with the Johnston family and great neighborhood kids. The kids always get SOOOOO excited when the snow comes!

Sledding Time in Topeka, Kansas

Cody was extremely anxious to get bundled up and run outside so he could play in the snow. Our family loves winter time. I think it's the best time of the year!!

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Winter Quarters Cabins

We were amazed how many COOL displays we were able to be PART of!! This display was the most memorable for me because of the recording played inside the small cabin. The cabin was just big enough to fit two beds side to side and one bunk bed above. There was room enough for one table and a fireplace--where all the food was cooked. In the recording, the woman explained how two families--sometimes 16 people--would live inside the small cabin. She expressed how she praised God daily for her palace. As the kids and I squished into the small cabin--what most people now-a-days wouldn't consider a suitable room for any one person---we felt so grateful for our large "palaces" with 3 bedrooms, basements, dishwashers, washing machines, dryers, microwaves, electricity, etc. What a life we live!

Looking at the Winter Quarters Temple

These kids had so much fun learning about church history and just spending extra time together. Hunter had served a mission in Omaha, Nebraska---so he had a great time showing the family around town.

Pioneer Family 2007

While Brent and Michelle were in the Omaha--Winter Quarters Temple, we took their kids and our kids back in time!! The Visitor Center had all kinds of great dress-up and hands-on activities for the kids to enjoy.

Come, Come, Ye Saints Song Writer Display

Modern-day saints. Quite the cute bunch!! Hunter found all kinds of ways to keep this group entertained!

Teaching the kids about the wagons and hand-carts

Hunter is such a fabulous teacher! The kids worked hard trying to load the miniature items in and out of their wagons. They couldn't figure out how the pioneers had fit all that they needed into such little spaces. What a valuable lesson!

Gingerbread Ninjas!!

Cody and Blakester can karate-chop, punch, and kick with the best of them!!

Allyson and Julie cruizin' throught the Gingerbread Display

Hunter and I watched Brent and Michelle's kids while they went to the Winter Quarters Temple in Omaha, Nebraska. While we had the kids, we took them to the gingerbread display in the basement of the visitor center. Some of the displays were absolutely phenominal!! Creative is an understatement---more like revolutionary gingerbread making!! :-)

Nauvoo Temple Exhibition

Michayla, Amber and Mariah led our group around the Visitor Center.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Laporascopic Surgery--November 7, 2007

I went under the knife last Wednesday in hopes of solving my 14 year pain problem. The Doctor had told me that I had symptoms which led him to believe I had endometriosis and interstitial cystitis (which is a chronic bladder disease where ulcers form all along the bladder wall and rupture sporadically). Unfortunately, when the team of medical pros went inside my tummy, they found both diseases. The good thing was that the endometriosis wasn't as bad as I had expected. They only found a mass of endometrios (which is like a tumor which inflames and bleedes each month during my cycle) on the left lower side of my pelvic area. The bigger bummer was the fact that they were able to verify that I had a bad case of IC (interstitial cystitis--or "Painful Bladder Syndrome").

The IC may have developed over time--or I could have been born with the disease. The sad part is that there is NO cure. IC is in the reasearch stage. All medications (except Elmiron) have proven to be inconclusively unhelpful. Elmiron--for SOME reason proved to relieve some of some peoples symptoms after 3-4 months of use. Elmiron's side effects are worse than the IC though. It also makes me sick to my tummy--to the point that I can't sleep. I could have hair loss, too.

It was a really tough blow at first--because I was REALLY hoping to be healed and relieved of my pain, but that may not happen. Even the pain medication made me WAY nautious and I had to go back to Ibueprofin--which doesn't even touch the pain. WELL--now, a little over a week later, I've been determined to beat the depression that seemed to eat me whole the first few days after surgery. I was called to be the 2nd Counselor in the Stake Primary Presidency in our Stake---so obviously, the Lord isn't planning on letting me sit around and mope and say, "POOR ME!" YES--the pain may never go away, but I am still perfectly capable of living happily, right??!

I have thought a lot about acquiring the full and complete faith to be healed. I'm not there yet, but I certainly believe the Lord is capable. I know that HE has the power--I'm just not sure if I'm supposed to go through this for a reason, and if the Lord's will is to keep my hurting. We'll have to see. If I know it's the Lord's will for me to be healed--I'm ready for it!!

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Trick or Treat time with the Johnstons

The irony is that I took all the pics--and will now have no proof I was there :-). These kids had a great time! We took the kids to BOOVILLE--the townhome complex haunted house, and then treated them all to hot chocolate after it was all over. This was a successfull Halloween! We celebrated the holiday 4 times over, making it a long-lasting blast! Good times.

Johnstons and MOORE!

Amber's class Halloween Party-2007

McCarter Costume Parade

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Monday, October 15, 2007

Lovin' Livin' by Family!

OK--so living close to Brent and Michelle has been AWESOME!! I don't know that I would ever want these kids to go without their cousins again! It's so fun to open my door and watch the kiddos run to the Johnston's open door--just across the way. This is the life! Granted, it would be nice to be living in a fancy-shmancy neighborhood, but livin' by family makes this move COMPLETELY worth it! I know we'll have lots of fun "popper" memories of our time in law-school. We're livin' the high life! The one thing we've found, though, is that we tend to swap sicknesses. So--we do go a few days here and there in seclusion--making sure to NOT share the love :-). All in all---this is the best way to live. So let it be let it be done---ALWAYS!!

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Ratatouille Movie Time

Brent, Michelle and their kiddos joined us for a Saturday OUT on the town! Ratatouille was a cute movie--a little long for Cody, but a clean, fun flick. It's all about cooking---which Hunter LOVES! It was like a full-blown animated movie of IRON CHEF! :-)

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Playtime with Cody-boy

Hunter grabs at every opportunity to play with the little guy. Daddy is a blast to be with!!

Visiting Amber at School

Amber didn't realize we had arrived yet. We watched her climb all the way across the long monkey-bars--ALL BY HERSELF!! We were soooo proud of her! She is adventurous and willing to try everything. She has NO fear---which is scary for a parent, but I love her excitement for life.

Mariah, Daddy & Codster

Mariah has so many friends who play with her during recess time that it was tough to pull her away from the others, but we were able to snag a quick picture. Mariah is a social bug! She's fun to be with. Cody was thrilled to spend some time at the girl's school.

McCarter BBQ--October 10, 2007

Hunter and I enjoyed taking some time out of our school schedules to visit the girls at McCarter Elementary School for their yearly BBQ Fundraiser.

Handsome Cody-Boy!

This fun little guy lights up my every day. He got an invitation to a b-day party, and he hasn't wanted to let go of it (it's STILL in his hand!) He loves writing his ABC's and numbers now. He's trying to figure out how to manage his temper, but he's VERY happy when Blue's Clues is on!

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Hot Air Balloon Festival

The kids are always excited to get out of the house and go on an adventure. They really enjoyed meeting up with their cousins and friends to see the hot air balloons get blown up. Unfortunately, because the weather was less than stellar, most of the balloons weren't blown up. Maybe we'll get to see HUNDREDS next year!

Daddy's Girls

We claim Michayla as family too! Hunter loves being with his girls. And, the girls LOVE Daddy! Hunter is always willing to play--in fact, that's how he prefers to spend EVERY day! :-)

Halloween Preparation

These cousins love dressin' up and pretending to be different characters. Back row: Michayla, Mariah, and Amber. Front Row: Cody and Blake. It's wonderful living next to Brent and Michelle!

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

School Time!

Mariah was anxious to show Amber what school was like. Poor Mariah has been to four different schools in 4 years! She has learned to make friends quickly.
They both have really loved school--hallelujah, but they've asked if I would be willing to homeschool. We'll have to see what Mommy's able to do.

1st day of school!

It was thrilling to jump back into the school-year!! Mommy was warn out with the arguing at home!!! The girls love to get on each other's nerves---so school was a wonderful "light at the end of a long summer tunnel!!" Mariah began 3rd grade, Amber entered kindergarten and Cody started preschool. They grow up quickly! It has been really nice to have time with Cody at home. I love these kids.

Camping in OHIO

We were all excited when Poppy Keith flew in to meet us in Ohio. Both Brent and Hunter had returned to Law School--so Michelle and I were trying to camp with three kids each. SO--it was wonderful to see yet another adult who helped out so much! Keith is always a great addition. Granny Jo put so much time and effort (and money) into planning our family vacation---she did a fabulous job!! We are SOOOO grateful for such amazing parents (and grandparents)!

Nothin' like Imagination!!

These girls pretended to be every character in Harry Potter for 2 weeks! "LUMOS" they would shout as they pointed their wands around the campsite. It just doesn't get more care-free than this!

Nauvoo Temple-- Kirtland, Ohio

The green doors are the original doors from the time of construction! This was a fabulous adventure!! Ohio was our choice for #1 asthetics--however, the humidity was killer!

Muscle MEN and Girls!

Strike a pose! :-) From the left: Travis, Troy, Jeff, Hunter, Natalie and Mariah.

New York Water FUN!

Hunter took the kids swimming in Palmyra--only to find the water FREEZING COLD! That's why mommy didn't go in ;-) !

Amber enters Kindergarten!

Amber has an eye for style, and wanted to be "dressed to impress" for her first day of school. She loves her new teacher (Mrs. Ansley) and her new school (McCarter Elementary).

Cummorah's Hill Visitor Center


From Cummorah's Hill

There are few places in the world as beautiful as Cummorah's Hill. This was a great spot to stop and picnic with the family.

Michayla, Amber, and Emma (Alston)

These cute princesses were inseparable from sun up to sun down!

Picture Perfect! :-)

This is what happens when you ask the Johnston guys to turn and put their hand on the shoulder of the person next to them!! So much for precision!!

Mariah, Natalie, & Michayla

This picture was taken in the Joseph Smith's log home, where he saw the Angel Moroni. This was an amazing place! These girls loved every minute they were together.


I think this may have been the only moment--the entire trip, we had silence! These are great kids! Natalie, Mariah, Amber, Michayla, Cody, and Blake.

Final Michigan Moments

Friends and family make for good times!! These kids had so much fun playing together.


We have such a great life! Hunter is my dream-man. I'm excited to see what our future holds. :-)

Palmyra Temple

Palmyra Temple--July 2007.
This temple was beautiful--as are they all. We were so glad to get to go on a church history trip. FUN!