Hunter and Julie Moore

Hunter and Julie Moore
Best Friends

It's ALL GOOD :-)

It's ALL GOOD :-)



Moore Family February 2011

Moore Family February 2011

THE Johnston-Flake Gang

THE Johnston-Flake Gang
Christmas 2010

Johnston Family

Johnston Family



Monday, February 28, 2011

This is the whole MOORE FAMIILY--February, 2011
We all gathered together to celebrate Ernie (Hunter's Dad's) 60 b-day.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

February Update...

Alright--I have great news!  NO--I'm NOT pregnant :-).  The good news I'm referring to is that Hunter has a great job, and we are going to be moving into a beautiful home around March 15th!  It is a real treat to be all together again.

Hunter--working as the Navajo County Director of Affairs and the Basketball Coach for BOTH Mariah and Amber's teams.  Hunter has been traveling a lot with his new job, but ANYTHING is better than sending him back and forth from LA every weekend!  Hunt has been spending a ton of quality time with the kiddos.  He took them shooting and to the Show Low/Snowflake Basketball game this last week.  He's a fabulous daddy! Hunter has also been playing on our ward basketball team.  The kids and I went to watch him play last night, and we really impressed.  HUNTER HAS STILL GOT IT!!!!

Julie--working as a full-time MOMMY:-). I think that word entails SO many different jobs and responsibilities that it would take a good half a page to list them all!!  I am also finishing my 1st novel--which has taken me 6 years to complete, but I'm almost to the final revision stage!!!  YEAH!  I am planning on attending the ANWA Writers Conference in Phoenix at the end of February.  I am preparing to teach dance in Snowflake, too.  I'm really excited to be able to work from my own home.  Our basement is HUGE--so I plan to use the space as a dance room.  I'm also going to be instructing in Show Choir again.  My mother has offered to be my Show Choir Pianist, and I'm really excited to be working with her.  She has also asked me to choreograph a 12-person show that will be performed in March.  Lots to do!  I'm the Primary Chorister for our ward, too.  LOVE IT!!

Mariah--is going to be turning 12 years old on April 10th--can you believe it??  She's going to New Beginnings tonight for her entrance into Young Womens.  She's thrilled!  She has been the 1st chair violinist for her school orchestra, and she just loves playing on that violin.  She has also been dancing with me, and she is quite a talented vocalist as well.  She has been working really hard with her dad at basketball practice.  She really likes learning the fundamentals.  She loves spending time with friends her share her same interests, and she has become aware of personal grooming--YEAH!!  She's doing fabulous in her schooling, and she is still an avid reader.

Amber--also loves basketball time with her dad.  She likes sports in general!  She has also really taken to art.  Her daddy got her an art book for Christmas, and she has spent a lot of time perfecting her drawings.  She, too, likes spending as much time with her friends as possible.  At least every other day, she is begging me for playdates.  She's a compassionate kid who is great with small children.  She absolutely loves Sterling.  It's sweet.  She also likes to go shooting with her dad.  She has told me that she is most excited to do gymnastics with me when we purchase our tumbling mats for the dance space in our new home.  She likes a challenge.

Cody--has improved in so many ways.  Cody is a brilliant little boy.  He tested beyond his 1st grade curriculum the first quarter of the year.  We've kept him where he's at, however, because he needs the social skills first and foremost to handle being around other kids.  He's very athletic and aggressive.  He, like Amber, really loves to draw and go shooting with his daddy.  Cody is a Wii fanatic!  Of course, he always has to do chores and homework before he gets to play, but he would be willing to do just about ANYTHING to get his half hour on the Wii!  I remember my brothers loving video games as much as Cody does now.  Some things never change :-).  It's great leverage for a parent!

Sterling--has the greatest personality.  He's almost always happy.  He's a tease, and he'll make most every situation a game of some sort.  He's got a fun giggle, and he's finally hit the "sit and watch a movie" stage--which all mothers greatly look forward to when laundry, dishes, and cooking must be done when the child is no longer taking 2-3 naps/day.  Not only is he not taking naps anymore, but he is no longer staying in his crib!  AGH!  We've hit a hard stage.  He doesn't like the crib for bedtime either.  We're going to have to figure something out!  He's just so darn cute,, we get through the sleeplessness :-).  His favorite movies are Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, Nemo, Kung Fu Panda and Cars.  YEAH for Pixar!!!

All in all, we're doing well.  We are extremely anxious to get into our own place, now that Hunter is with us, and he's got a great job!  We know that God has been watching over us.  Our prayers have been heard and answered. We feel very blessed.

CATCH-UP TIME...where to begin???

 These girls (Chelsea and Cambry Palmer, Natalie, Mariah and Amber) have so much fun together!

 Courtney and Hugh Palmer invited Hunter and I to join them for New Years.  We had such a good time chatting it up, playing cards, and jammin' to Rock Star Wii!

 For New Years Day, Hunt and I took all the kids to see a movie.  "TANGLED" was sooo cute!

 We got the chance to go vist Dad and Cindy during December.  YEAH!  We love our time with them.

 Poppy Moore came to see the girls first basketball games of the season.  He helped me wrestle Sterling in the stands.  We love Poppy Moore! 
 Hunter has been coaching Mariah and Amber's basketball teams.  The girls are starting to get the fundamentals down, and they are really having a blast with their daddy.

 Natalie allowed the kids to ride her pony.  Cody really likes riding.

 Cody is such a good big brother.  He invited Sterling to join him when it was his turn.

 This is the kitchen of the home we're about to move into!!  YEAH!!!!  HUGE, huh? WOOHOO! March 15th BABY!

 This was Natalie's b-day party.  Granny Jo took them all to Flagstaff to ice skate and play.  They didn't get home until LATE--and they LOVE IT!

 This is my mean face when the kids don't listen.  They know to WATCH OUT when they get this stare down. :-)

 Amber and Sterling like to just SIT on this 4-wheeler.  It's kind of funny really.  The bike isn't going anywhere anytime soon, but they think it's a good time to just hang out on top of it.

 Hunter takes the kids shooting occasionally, and Sterling doesn't ever get to go because of the loud BOOMS!  However, he likes wearing the ear-coverings every chance he gets.
 Sterling is such a fun kid!  He has the greatest personality.  TRUE--he's driving us crazy because he won't stay inside his crib to sleep anymore, but how can you NOT love that chubby, kissable face??

 Granny Jo took us all to the Snowflake Tree Lighting Ceremony in Snowflake.  It was neat to see such a great tradition in this town.  I had never been before, so it was a great--COLD--experience.

 I think we've all been taken with Sterling.  What a kid!!

 Our 11 year old, Mariah, finally decided to start taking care of her hair.  She fought us for YEARS every time we wanted her to bathe, groom, or brush her teeth.  We have finally arrived.  Personal cleanliness is now important to her!  YEAH!!!!!!
 Mariah, Hunter and I all got glasses.  Check Mariah's out :-).

 For Granny Jo's b-day, Grandmother and I went to see her perform in her Christmas Orchestra Concert.  Then we took her to a Mexican Restaurant just down the street.  SO MUCH FUN!!

 Each of the kids have found fun ways to entertain Sterling.  This was Amber's most recent method.

This was Mariah's Orchestra Concert.  I was SOOOO proud of her, as she was the 1st chair violinist.  She stood and tuned the orchestra and walked in and out apart from the rest of the group.  What a super star :-).

 This is Katrina Palmer and my mother--Granny Jo.  LOVE THESE LADIES!
 If I become just a smigin' of what my mother is, I'll be quite happy :-).

 Christmas cookies in Liberty, Missouri @ Brent and Michelle Johnston's home.
These next few pics are of the whole crew.

 Amber and Michayla
 Troy-boy again :-).
 Brent--telling the Christmas story.

 Mom, Keith and Natalie
 Jeff and Keith
 Michelle and Luke, Ashleigh Palmer (Travis's girl friend), Granny Jo and Isaac (Jeremy and Kendra's little boy)

 Troy, Jeff, and Travis

 Natalie and Mariah

 Jeff and Luke (Brent and Michelle's little boy)

 Cody and Blake (Brent and Michelle's boy)


 Michayla and Amber

 Kendra and Summer

 New Years Eve pic at Courtney and Hugh's place.  We thought it was fun pretending that our ROOT BEER was a stiffer drink. HEHEHE!

 Ashleigh Palmer agreed to assist me as the Choreographers for the White Mountain High School Show Choir Festival.  We had a full week together.  GOOD TIMES!

 Hunter and I were invited to join Woody Dixon (the Pack 10 head attorney) for the game between ASU and Stanford.  Hunter and I really enjoyed our night out, and Woody is always good company!

 Travis serenaded Ashleigh with his self-written woo-ing song.  It was BEAUTIFUL!!

 Travis gave Allyson, Sterling and Isaac a blanket ride around Brent and Michelle's home.  Hillarious!

 Travis and Hunter
Hunter flew in from LA, and we picked him up at the Kansas City Airport late December 23.  He got to spend Christmas with us, and then he had to fly back to LA to finish out his time with Seyfarth Shaw and Cohen and Lord, LLP.  We were THRILLED to get him back into Snowflake for GOOD right before New Years.  He started to work as the Navajo County Director of Government Affairs on Jan. 3, 2011.  No time off, but that was what was needed for the check book :-).  Blessings, blessings, blessings!

 Sterling really like the sugar cookies!
 Actually, all he ate was the frosting, as you can tell :-).

 Jeremy (my brother) and Kendra, his wife.

 Mariah was SO excited to get this dance DVD--and so was I!!!!! So worth the money!

 Brent and Luke

 This flying helicopter was THE BEST PURCHASE EVER!!!  As far as toys go, this one is TOPS!!!  Hunter and the other adults enjoyed this one as much as the kids!  It still hasn't broken and it's already February 1st!

 Hunt--what a stud.  There's something wonderful about a man in the kitchen :-).

 Ashleigh won Sterling over.
Here are our great friends, Hugh and Courtney.  LOVE THEM!  Courtney has been my saving grace here in Snowflake.  I'm so grateful she's my friend.