Hunter and Julie Moore

Hunter and Julie Moore
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It's ALL GOOD :-)

It's ALL GOOD :-)



Moore Family February 2011

Moore Family February 2011

THE Johnston-Flake Gang

THE Johnston-Flake Gang
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Johnston Family

Johnston Family



Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Clean--for 5 minutes!!

Okay--so my home, though small (in comparison to others we've owned) takes me forever to clean because my children follow behind me, destroying everything in their path. Summers are especially tough because the kids are all home at once! Rarely, do I have more than 5 minutes to bask in my clean rooms--and rarely, is more than one room clean at a time. SO--I decided to take pics today of my clean rooms. Now, I can look at the pics and be content with my monotonous, never-ending cleaning :-). Granted--this is more for me than anyone else--but sometimes ya just need to remember those perfect moments, right??!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

We LOVE rainy days!

These boys no longer smile for pics. They like to make all kinds of weird poses. I think they feel it's more "manly." :-) Blakester and Cody.

I love this girl! She is sugar and spice and everything nice--all that little girls are made of.

Amber Goose stripped down and jumped into her swimsuit faster than everyone else. She can't wait to play---no matter what it entails! Running in the rain is just another thing to add to her list.

What do you do when it rains? We strip down and run around! YEAH! The smell of the water mixed with the dirt just makes me smile. The overcast, gray days are the best! The kids get as excited as I do!

Monday, July 28, 2008

Julie's Health Update July 28, 2008

So--finally, I got in to see a urologist who handed me an Interstitial Cystitis Diet guide. And--as I was expecting--chocolate is NOT allowed! Either are eggs, canned meat (actually most meats), fruit (other than blueberries and watermellon), and store bought tomatoes! Any foods with preservatives and/or high doses of potassium (i.e. bannanas)are also out. Because I'm lactose intolerant--milk is out. And, for whatever reason, my body rejects any yeast prodocts (breads). So--with all the "foods to avoid"--I'm not quite sure what TO eat! I've taken a serious liking to blueberries, though--in hopes of staying optimistic and proactive. :-). The urologist asked for x-rays and a cystoscopy to see if my kidneys are also part of the problem. I went in for the x-rays today--only to be turned down because I needed blood work to prove I was not pregnant. So--after being sent to 3 different medical buildings--and waiting 2 1/2 hours in various waiting rooms, I went home having only had a pregnancy blood test. AGH! Needless to say, trying to play the "medical games" just to get a grip on my health problems--is inducing more stress than I had before!! I'm wanting to stay positive---constantly thinking "HAPPY, HEALTHY, WHOLE." I'm scheduled to see a Gastroenterologist this week as well. Maybe we'll find a cure somewhere???? Please pass a few prayers our way. Thank you! Jules

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The Johnston-Flake Family

July, 2008

Reunion Bliss

Troy (my brother) and Michayla (Brent and Michelle's little girl) enjoyed the July 24th parade in Snowflake.

My brothers take things WAY TOO SERIOUS! I just wish they would relax every once in a while!! :-) From left to right: Travis, Troy, Jeremy, Jeff and Brent.

Granny Jo and Poppy Keith.

My brothers, Travis and Troy. These two are best of friends.

My brother, Jeremy Johnston, and his son Isaac Brent Johnston.

Elder Travis Johnston--heading to Guatamala for a two year mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Ninja Natalie, Cody, and Blakester.

Back rub time. Poppy Rod (my dad) and my brother, Troy Johnston.

These three cousins have so much fun together. We're always amazed how much time they're willing to spend together!

They act like siblings--but are best of friends. Good times!

Granny Jo

My mother is SUCH a hard worker! She fed thirty people over and over while we were there in Snowflake, AZ. She's selfless and giving. I sure hope I grow up to be like her!!

Jeff and Poppy Rod

Theresia and Jules

Theresia jumped into the fun and helped to cook for the masses there at the Mud House (Mom and Keith's home in Snowflake, AZ).

Poppy Rod and Grandma Tessy

This beautiful woman sure doesn't look like she could be a grandma, huh?? Dad's sure a lucky guy!! It was great to get to see Dad and Theresia and see all of their kids: Adam, Anthony, Jerrod, Jonathan, and Joseph. They came to Snowflake to see Jeremy and Kendra's little baby's blessing and Travis's farewell.

Time with cousins at the Mud House

Troy boy and Pappy

This is my brother Troy and my dad, Rodney Johnston. Two of my favorite men in the world!

Grandmother Amberson and Julie

Grandmother Amberson is my mother's mother. She is so peppy and fun. I'm always excited to get time with this fine woman.

Travis and Jules

Travis is SOOOO ready for his mission. He's an upstanding, spiritual, self-motivated STUD! We were able to watch a video of his college performances at EA where he stole the show! He's a beat-boxin' phenomenon! I'm so proud of him :-). Travis headed out for the MTC July 21 and will be heading to Guatamala. Just like his brothers before him, he can't wait to get to the mission field.

Julie's Brothers

This was the morning of Travis's farewell and baby Isaac's baby blessing. From left to right: Travis, Troy, Jeff. They had all stayed up gabbing and playing card games throughout the night--so it took Jeff awhile to wake up :-).

Monday, July 21, 2008

Anniversary at the Buttes

Hotel Vanities

Gotta get one of these! It's also a lot easier to primp without children hanging all over me. I lived up my day away with my honey.

Water heaven at the Buttes

Luxury and hot tubs awaited us at the Buttes. They had tiered pools along the side of the mountain and amazing views. What a sight!

West Court at the Buttes (Phoenix, AZ)

What a relaxing getaway! Hunter planned a "dream-day" for he and I for our 10 year anniversary. After a spiritually uplifting moring in the Mesa Temple, he arranged for a limo pick-up which carried us to West Court at the Buttes--where we enjoyed a spa-treatment and dinner at The Top of the Rock. AMAZING! It was hard to leave!

I love "the easy life!!"

My Baby :-)

So happy together...

Limo fun!

Aunt Meredith (Hunter's sister) and her two girls: Lana and Janey--jumped into the limo with us.

Hunter invited all the family for a ride around the block. The kids were whoopin' and hollerin'--they were thrilled to ride in such a fine vehicle.

Ten Year Anniversary

July 18, 2008.

10 Year Anniversary Surprise!

Hunter and I spent the early morning doing sealings in the AZ Temple--in remembrance of our temple sealing ten years earlier. Then--he surprised me with a beautiful silver limo! Never before had I ridden in a limo--and I was stunned--to say the least!! I felt like a queen! What a great man I have!!

Arial Plunge

Mariah wasn't about to be "one-upped" by her sister. She through a complete arial before hitting the water!

Slam Dunk

This one was a classic "AMBER" picture. She's always willing to try any move to "live life to the fullest."


Mariah and Amber--my dare devils.

Kung-Fu Hunter :-)

"Suspension" over the Moore pool

We caught some of the most ingenious poses as the Moore family jumped into the family pool. Check this one out!! Kyle's brilliant!! :-)

Moment of Silence

Pool time at the Moore's home

Kyle, Nanna, Lanna, Janey, Meredith and Cyrus.

Arizona Science Museum

The Moore family cousins took a trip to see all the sights at the Science Meseum in Phoenix, AZ. (They were quite fascinated with the more gruesome exhibits--which wasn't hard to fathom :-).

Mariah Danae Moore

We love this girl! She's growing soooo fast! It's difficult to keep shoes on her feet! :-)