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Hunter and Julie Moore
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It's ALL GOOD :-)

It's ALL GOOD :-)



Moore Family February 2011

Moore Family February 2011

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THE Johnston-Flake Gang
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Johnston Family



Thursday, December 31, 2009

Innertubing in Northern AZ

Amber and Cody

Hunter & the kids, & Granny Jo, Natalie, and Kristen (my cousin) went to northern AZ to go snow innertubing. They had a blast!! Thanks for fun Granny Jo!!


Natalie Rose (my sister)

Trudging up the slope--just to slide back down again!

Granny Jo and Kristen

MP3 players were Christmas HITS this year! That's what our girls asked for. As you can see--they're connected at all times now :-).

Wednesday, December 30, 2009


"A grateful man is a happy man"...or so it goes. I would also add that a grateful woman is happy, too! I feel so overwhelmingly grateful for good people, and I'm especially grateful for God--and his hand in my life. I know that there are those out there who doubt the reality of a God, but I'm not one of them!!! I am constantly reminded of his existance by His continual outpouring of blessings in my life. I also believe all the scriptures say about Jesus Christ. I believe He's the literal Son of God.

I sat with my children this morning and talked to them about faith in God and Jesus. Just talking about these two beings set my soul on fire!! I am flawed in nearly every way, but I know that because of Jesus Christ, I have a chance to live with God again--and with my family for ETERNITY!!

Granted--there are some moments when eternity sounds outright SCARY ;-)--usually when Mariah and Amber are fighting over clothes. But at this moment, I can't imagine a greater gift.

Our family received some amazing gifts this holiday!! Invaluable gifts of time, service, money, etc. There are so many individuals and families who have generosity pouring out their ears!! I am so grateful to those who constantly helped us out...THANK YOU!

We began Sterling's sleep training two days ago. He's done SOOOO much better than our other children---OR maybe---Hunter and I are finally figuring out how WE should do it!! I feel so heartbroken as I place Sterling in his crib and walk away. I feel like I'm abandoning him. He's such a peacable baby. The last thing I want to do is walk away from him. Honestly, I just want to scoop him up in my arms and kiss him until he falls asleep from all the obsessive cuddling!! It's SOOO hard! I love him so much.

I love them them all so much. It's hard to express how my heart swells with pride each time they make good decisions. And I don't think there's a graph or chart that can adequately show how my excitement bubbles over when they succeed in their various activities. No words quite fit the bill when one of them throws their arms around me and says, "I love you, Mom!" In fact, Mariah randomly listed all of my mommy-duties in her journal today--then turned to me and asked, "Mom--you don't get much time for you? Because with all I've got written down, you take care of all the house stuff, kids, husband, bills, food, homework, and church stuff--but then, there's no time for you to do what you want to do." I watched her puzzled expression morph to a look of complete grattitude. Before I could respond, she smiled and said, "Mom---thanks for everything. I love you." Sure--there's contention and bickering that errupts at times, but those moments make mommying so worth it! Mommy-hood is a difficult job to guage success. Sometimes, you don't know if you're moving up or down! I would venture to say that it's the most trying/satisfying job I've ever had!! I've come to the realization that I am a duty-bound mommy with the intention to do good. Whether what I "intend" to happen ever happens--I'm trying my very best; I'm giving this family the best I've got--and that will have to do for now :-).

Hunter started studying for the Bar this week. So far--he's feeling good about his plight. Overwhelmed??? ABSOLUTELY! However--I see the determination in his eyes. I have faith in him, and I believe he's got a fabulous future ahead of him. He's a really wonderful man, and I'm fortunate to have lived the adventure with him these past 12 years. CRAZY how time flies, eh?? I met Hunter in January 1998--12 years ago. We've had 5 kids together and a ton of great memories! LOVE YOU BABE!!

3 Days of Disneyland with the MOORE CLAN!

Cody was all smiles when he jumped on his horse.

CA Adventure had a ton of great entertainment for the kids. The Brother Bear Park was just perfect for kids who needed a place to stretch their legs and run around. The older kids loved the zip-line. WOOHOO!

Sterling didn't get to go on CA Soarin' but he was so excited to see the crew when they all got back! Hunter pulled him in tight for a quick embrace.

It took us a few tries before we mastered the "Monkey Walk", but the girls were quite pleased with themselves :-).

CHILLY mornings in CA---no amount of cold would have kept us out of Disneyland, though!! Nanna made sure everyone had matching sweatshirts and t-shirts. SO FUN! We pulled out our snow gear (mittens, hats, etc.) and disbursed them to make sure the kids enjoyed the cold, too.


It just doesn't get better than this! Nanna, Poppy Moore & Sterling.

The best part is that Nanna is the guru on all the "hidden Mickey's" around Disneyland, and when she saw this picture, she excitedly blurted, "IT'S A HIDDEN MICKEY!!" Can you see it?

Carnation Cafe--YUMMY!

Thanks Poppy Moore! WE LOVE YOU!!

SISTERS: Mariah and Amber

Uncle Nate and his girls: Tiegen and Betty

Uncle Kyle looked after our kids on more than one occassion over the 3 day trip. He was so helpful and tons of fun!! ALL SINGLE GALS--this guy is AWESOME WITH KIDS!! He's oh-so-single and lookin' for the right girl. Give me a call if you want a phone # :-)!!

Cody was thrilled when he was selected to be a JEDI in training.

It doesn't take much to make this boy smile! He is a tub of love and joy :-)!

Poppy Moore was sporting the Disney-Wizard-Cap.


We were so excited to get away from the city and spend some quality family-time at Disneyland. Truly--it's the "happiest place on earth!" By day three, we were all pooped--but happy, nonetheless :-). Nanna and Poppy Moore saved up and treated the entire family--THANK YOU!! These memories will last forever :-).

The Moore Cousins
From left to right: Cyrus, Lana, Mariah & Sterling, Amber & Betty, Cody, Tiegen, and Jaynee

Mariah and Betty (Nate's daughter)

Mariah was such a great helper with the younger kiddos. She made sure they all enjoyed themselves, too--even when they weren't tall enough to go on some of the rides.

CODY DUELED DARTH VADAR!!! No kidding! Cody and Cyrus were chosen to fight against history's #1 BAD GUY!! This is every young man's dream! About 20 kids put on Jedi robes and trained for their one-on-one against the Master of the Dark Side :-). This was truly AWESOME!

Cody was hitting every move!

Amber--cutie patootie--whooped and hollered for Cody and Cyrus as they battled against Darth Vadar.


Girly heaven!!

Uncle Nate and Sterling

SO----The Moore gang arrived at our home prepped and ready for a three-day DISNEY ADVENTURE!! Nanna & Poppy Moore, Uncle Nate & his three kids: Cyrus, Tiegen, and Betty, & Uncle Kyle bunked out at our house. Aunt Meredith & Uncle Eric & their 2 kids: Lana and Jaynee stayed at a hotel near Disneyland. At 5 am on December 21st--Nanna made sure everyone was awake. She had bought and brought with her 8 boxes of snacks and goodies that we packed up for each person in our crew. Within an hour, we were all dressed and packed for a full day of DISNEY!! I would go as far to say that the adults were even more excited than the kids! We had a great time on all of the rides---and more importantly, we had a BLAST with each other!! The next two days were just as amazing as the first! Amber proved to be our most CRAZY thrill-rider!! She took off with the older crew--riding CA Screamin' at least 7 times--along with Tower of Terror at least four times! Mariah--more cautious (like her mommy), tried almost every ride--but opted out of repeat rides :-). She had a great attitude the whole time. She was really helpful with the younger cousins. THANKS MARIAH!! Cody was pretty pumped-up about Thunder Mountain, Star Tours, Buzz Lightyear ride and Space Mountain, but wasn't willing to look up at all during the Indiana Jones ride. He was certain that "looking into the eyes" of the woman at the beginning of the ride would doom him for life. Amazingly, he joined those who ventured onto Tower of Terror because he was tall enough for the ride--and quite proud of that!! I explained how frightening the ride would be, but he was determine. YES--as expected, he was utterly terrorized and will NEVER try that one again!! Sterling spent most of his time helping Poppy Moore and Mommy/Daddy save seats for parades and watch over the strolers, but he had smiles for everyone that came to love on him. He was quite the chubby-child-novelty :-).

Poppy Moore and Sterling

Everyone wants to kiss on Sterling's chubby cheeks. You just can't help it!

Hunter, Sterling & Julie, & Nanna

Poppy Moore, Hunter & Sterling

This show--"Billy and the Hillbillies"--is a definite family favorite!! We watch it every time we go! With a Christmas-Elvis-spin, the Hillbillies had us all laughing!

The Jungle Cruize

The gal who "wo-manned" our boat was hillarious! We thought seriously about getting her number for Kyle!

Tiegen (Uncle Nate's daughter), Uncle Kyle & Amber

Uncle Nate, Uncle Kyle, Aunt Meredith
(Hunter's siblings)

Truth is--I'm not in this picture for a reason. I get soooo sick spinning in these tea cups!! However, the rest of the crew went three times each!

Betty (Nate's daughter)

I think this was the first and only time I was alone for the whole week!

Amber and Tiegen

This was monumental--getting 17 family members to the front gates of Disneyland before 8 am when the park opens!! We're all die-hards :-)! Each morning after, we were at least 15-20 minutes later. Waking up got harder and harder. I thought Hunter was going to cry when we arrived at 8:15 am on the third day. There's something magical about being there the moment the park opens.

Hunter and I managed to take the longest every morning. It was a feit to get the baby and all of the kids geared up for the chill. Still--the rest of the family didn't grumble a bit--THANKS EVERYONE!

The kids just love Uncle Kyle. He's so much fun!

Poppy Moore
I just love this picture. Poppy Moore keeps everyone safe. He's earned the endearment "SAFETY NAZI". He takes care of us all :-)

Cody on the Brother Bear Zip-line.

We kept finding Uncle Nate on the phone with his girl-friend, Kelsey. We finally got to meet her when we arrived in AZ for Christmas just a few days later. SHE ROCKS!! GO NATE!!

Mariah is so tall now! She has lifted beyond my shoulders now! AGH! I'm afraid she's going to pass me up soon. I bet her that it wouldn't be until she was twelve, but it may just be eleven!

Kyle and Nate-bros.

Kyle and Nanna

Kyle is hillarious! He's usually crackin' some joke about this or that. He's great company.

I love these guys! Hunter is the man of my dreams! He's such a great dad and husband. So glad we're together. He makes life good.

It was so sunny we closed our eyes until the photographer counted to three :-).

The Matterhorn (sp?)
Cody LOVED this ride!!

The MOORE Gang

Billy and the Hillbillies Show


We never know what Betty's doing--but it's usually funny!

All the kids piled ontop of Kyle just before the parade began--looks like he faired alright :-).

Nanna, Mariah, & Cody

Uncle Kyle
Mariah Danae

Cyrus and Cody--buds!

Meredith, Eric, Jaynee and Lana

Nate, Cyrus, Tiegen & Betty

The ORIGINAL Moore Family--ALL GROW(ED) UP :-)