Hunter and Julie Moore

Hunter and Julie Moore
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It's ALL GOOD :-)

It's ALL GOOD :-)



Moore Family February 2011

Moore Family February 2011

THE Johnston-Flake Gang

THE Johnston-Flake Gang
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Johnston Family

Johnston Family



Tuesday, September 25, 2007

School Time!

Mariah was anxious to show Amber what school was like. Poor Mariah has been to four different schools in 4 years! She has learned to make friends quickly.
They both have really loved school--hallelujah, but they've asked if I would be willing to homeschool. We'll have to see what Mommy's able to do.

1st day of school!

It was thrilling to jump back into the school-year!! Mommy was warn out with the arguing at home!!! The girls love to get on each other's nerves---so school was a wonderful "light at the end of a long summer tunnel!!" Mariah began 3rd grade, Amber entered kindergarten and Cody started preschool. They grow up quickly! It has been really nice to have time with Cody at home. I love these kids.

Camping in OHIO

We were all excited when Poppy Keith flew in to meet us in Ohio. Both Brent and Hunter had returned to Law School--so Michelle and I were trying to camp with three kids each. SO--it was wonderful to see yet another adult who helped out so much! Keith is always a great addition. Granny Jo put so much time and effort (and money) into planning our family vacation---she did a fabulous job!! We are SOOOO grateful for such amazing parents (and grandparents)!

Nothin' like Imagination!!

These girls pretended to be every character in Harry Potter for 2 weeks! "LUMOS" they would shout as they pointed their wands around the campsite. It just doesn't get more care-free than this!

Nauvoo Temple-- Kirtland, Ohio

The green doors are the original doors from the time of construction! This was a fabulous adventure!! Ohio was our choice for #1 asthetics--however, the humidity was killer!

Muscle MEN and Girls!

Strike a pose! :-) From the left: Travis, Troy, Jeff, Hunter, Natalie and Mariah.

New York Water FUN!

Hunter took the kids swimming in Palmyra--only to find the water FREEZING COLD! That's why mommy didn't go in ;-) !

Amber enters Kindergarten!

Amber has an eye for style, and wanted to be "dressed to impress" for her first day of school. She loves her new teacher (Mrs. Ansley) and her new school (McCarter Elementary).

Cummorah's Hill Visitor Center


From Cummorah's Hill

There are few places in the world as beautiful as Cummorah's Hill. This was a great spot to stop and picnic with the family.

Michayla, Amber, and Emma (Alston)

These cute princesses were inseparable from sun up to sun down!

Picture Perfect! :-)

This is what happens when you ask the Johnston guys to turn and put their hand on the shoulder of the person next to them!! So much for precision!!

Mariah, Natalie, & Michayla

This picture was taken in the Joseph Smith's log home, where he saw the Angel Moroni. This was an amazing place! These girls loved every minute they were together.


I think this may have been the only moment--the entire trip, we had silence! These are great kids! Natalie, Mariah, Amber, Michayla, Cody, and Blake.

Final Michigan Moments

Friends and family make for good times!! These kids had so much fun playing together.


We have such a great life! Hunter is my dream-man. I'm excited to see what our future holds. :-)

Palmyra Temple

Palmyra Temple--July 2007.
This temple was beautiful--as are they all. We were so glad to get to go on a church history trip. FUN!

Sunday, September 16, 2007

YEAH for the GIRLS!

Allyson, Michelle, Jodi, Kendra, Julie, Michayla, Natalie, Mariah, and Amber.
It's so fabulous being together.

Palmyra Pageant

Palmyra, New York--at the base of Cumorah's Hill. The Pageant was spectacular. It got pretty chilly--which made for some interesting moments with the kiddos, but it was still an enjoyable experience. Great choreography and effects!

The Peter Whitmer Farm

This is where the Latter-Day Saint Church was organized! This was a very special place. We felt very fortunate to stand on sacred ground.

Johnston's and MOORE!

Travis, Jeff, Brent, Blakester, Hunter, Jeremy, Troy and Cody. These are the men in my life!!

The GALS Camping in Ohio

Mom, Michelle, Allyson, and Jules.

Best Buddies

Jamie Alston--my forever friend.
Our families met together at the Sacred Grove in New York. It was a heavenly experience.
It's always a precious moment when I get to be with my Jamie.

Sand Castle Cousins and Friends

Burchfield Park, Mason, Michigan. We were so excited to get together with so many friends and family members.

Mom and kids--July 2007

Jodi, Julie, Brent, Jeremy, Troy, Travis, Jeff, and Natalie.

Church History Vacation Summer 2007