Hunter and Julie Moore

Hunter and Julie Moore
Best Friends

It's ALL GOOD :-)

It's ALL GOOD :-)



Moore Family February 2011

Moore Family February 2011

THE Johnston-Flake Gang

THE Johnston-Flake Gang
Christmas 2010

Johnston Family

Johnston Family



Friday, July 20, 2007

The Perfect Friends!

Party HEAVEN!! Mariah was so excited to see her friend, Brook (Melanie's daughter). Infact, both Mariah and Amber went home with them for a sleep-over! How wonderful! I'm going to miss spending time with such quality people.

Diana Charles

Diana, "wonder-woman", was the Holt Ward Enrichment Counselor. She is steady, enthusiastic, brilliant, and level-headed. She always gave me the counsel I needed. I was so fortunate to get to work with this fabulous woman.

Leann Fobbs--what will I do without her?

This fine woman has been my right-hand gal for the past year. She is the Visiting Teaching Leader for the Holt Ward---and one of my best friends! We have had some great adventures this year. I'll never forget you Leann. :-)

Forever Pals

Shannon Coker (on the left) also helped to plan and organize the party for our family. Melanie (on the right) has taken Mariah on more adventures in the past year than we have in her life-time! She is also Mariah's primary teacher. THANK YOU to both of you! You have helped our family in so many ways. I love you sooooo much!

Holt Ward Good-byes

(Top Left) Becky Williams, Chris Rogers, Julie Herrman. (Bottom Left) ME, and Leah Tobey.

These women planned and organized a get-together on our behalf. It was so special!


Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Cousins and friends FOREVER!! :-)

Brent and Michelle's little guy, Blakester, and our son, Cody, can't wait to be together. You can see why!

Trip to Kansas

Brent and Michelle showed us how fun Topeka can be. We can't wait to return! Their three kids, Michayla, Blake (Blakester), and Ally were "just what the Doctor ordered" for our three kids. Whenever Cody gets down, we tell him that we're about to see Blakester---then he lights right up...all is well with the world again. I really like having the cousins close.

Saying Good-byes in Mason

Everything is nearly packed up and ready to be shipped off to Topeka, Kansas. It's always sad to say good-bye to friends. This past year has been a great adventure! Yet another fabulous experience!

NINE YEAR anniversary--July 18, 2007

( SING IT) "SO HAPPY TOGETHER....I can't see me lovin' nobody but you, for all my life...when you're with me, baby the skies 'll be blue...for all my life..."

Livin' the HIGH LIFE!

With not a care in the world, Amber basks in the Lake City, Michigan, sun. Happy days!

"1856" tours through Utah

Mariah was so excited to see her Uncle Kyle back-stage. Kyle had been in the show the previous year--so he knew the "in's and out's" of show biz. Mariah and Kyle are BUDS! (Kyle is Hunter's brother).

Nanna and Lana

Nanna is always helping everyone--every chance she gets. She's not a complainer--always willing to take on the tough work. We sure love her--and Lana jr. (Meredith's 1st baby).

Moore Family Cousins

(Top Left) Cody, Mariah, Cyrus. (Bottom Left) Tiegen, Lana, Amber, & Betty.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Monday, July 16, 2007


This is my mom everyone! Valaree Jo Flake (or JODI--is what everyone calls her). She is the greatest friend and supporter. I sure am lucky to have such a fine woman for a mother. Thanks for all the time and energy you've put in mom!

Released as the Relief Society President

You know, I have learned more about myself in the last year, than in my whole life! I know where I excel and where I fail! I know what I can handle, and what, quite frankly, drives my loopy! I also realized that there are times I just can't do the work ALL on my own. I've learned to rely on the Lord for just about everything! I also learned that a good team of women is the greatest army on earth!! I was buoyed up with some "wonder-women" who helped me through some tough days. Hard work breeds eternal relationships--and it's far more rewarding than sitting around gossiping or discussing the weather!! I also realized that I don't care to spend a whole lot of time on "fluffy" things--which I believed was what Relief Society was all about! Now I know differently. I had not known that a RS Pres. spends the majority of her time helping families eat and live, and that it can be a 24/7 job! I didn't realize that they were also financial and marital counselors. I have had to stretch in ways I didn't think I could! Thank heavens for such an experience. Let's hope I don't ever have to RE-learn these lessons!! :-) Callings in the church certainly DO help us develop spiritually, mentally, emotionally, etc. I LOVE THE GOSPEL!

Carrabas for B-day 29!

Hunter "wined me and dined me" for my birthday (except, of course, we DON'T drink :-). We always have so much fun spending time together. That's really all I want--and that alone makes it a special day.

Holt Ward Girl's Night Out

I'm sure going to miss these fine women! But we all know it's a "small, small, world", and there's a good chance we'll rub shoulders again!

Sunday, July 15, 2007


OK--so it looks impressive! Troy (my brother) is a return missionary who is livin' the high-life as a BYU dancer and raquetball star! (GALS--he's single!)

Mariah Danae Moore

This talented girl is destined for greatness! She sings like a song-bird. She is really excited to jump into 3rd grade. She loves math and reading Harry Potter books. We are so blessed to have Mariah in our family.

Kyle's Temple Trip

Kyle returned from his mission and has since jumped into school and work. We are so proud of him. Hunter is so grateful to have Kyle for a brother. LOVE YA KYLE! (Gals--he's single!)

Amber Olivia Moore--Pre-kindergarden 2007

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Natalie turns 7!

I had prayed for a sister for 22 years! Natalie was an answer to all of those prayers. I'm so glad she came into this family---better late than never! She has a great personality, and she adds so much to our family. I love you, Natalie Rose.

Help from Family

Brent and Michelle have gone out of their way to help Hunter and I make the jump to Topeka. Brent has had a wonderful experience at Washburn School of Law thus far, and has encouraged us to take this path. We sure love these two. Brent, Michelle--thank you for all you do!!

Dancin' Fun

Mariah loves to shake it! I'm sure we'll have years of dance bills--cause she likes to boogy! I must say--it's in the genes!

Let's go FLY a KITE!

Cody was thrilled to see the kite fighting the breeze.

Hunter and Amber

Amber is our roller-coaster girl. Hunter was so excited to take Amber with him on all the fun rides and Disneyland. 2006

Flying Kites with Daddy

Cody and Noah

Bishop and Lisa Robinson's little boy, Noah, has been Cody's good friend here in Michigan. These two boys can't wait to get together and play, play, play. Cody's absessed tooth was giving him a lot of grief in this picture, but after surgery the next day--he was jumping around, happy again.

Boating on Houghton Lake

Bishop Robinson and his wife Lisa were so wonderful to invite us to Houghton Lake with them. Bishop drove the boat around the lake for hours--to make sure everyone got a chance to feel the breeze rushing by. What a blast!

Hawk Island Splash Pad

Amber raced into the water! The moment she jumped from the car she had one purpose--to spend as much quality time in the water as possible!

Piro Fascination

We were a little concerned how much Amber enjoyed lighting the torch and sparklers. She gets a kick from anything remotely dangerous. She's inevitably the one we're rushing to the hospital because of an injury caused by curiosity and danger. AGH!! :-)

Grandpa Johnston and Jeff

We call Grandpa Johnston "Poppy Rod" and I've always called Jeff "Jeffrey-boy"--however, he's not so little any more. I'll have to start calling him "Stud." What a handsome pair.

Nanna and Mariah

We call Grandma Moore "Nanna." We also call her "Cojack" because she is the principal of her elementary school in Gilbert, and she always has to figure out and settle problems. The kids love spending time with Nanna.

Grandpa Moore and Cody

We like to call Grandpa "POPPY MOORE." He's always willing to give hugs and kisses. He truly makes life sweet.

Italian Dinner with the Moores

Night out on the town! We love eating! We also enjoy getting together with all of our family members. We can't wait to be with these fine people again. :-)

Travis Graduates from SHS--2007

Travis--it's hard to believe you're old enough to graduate!! Where did the time go?? (From top left) Troy, Travis, Jeremy, Brent, Jeff, Adam. (Lower left) Jerrod, and Jonathan. These are my brothers folks!! There are more, but I sure love these guys!


I will never forget my show choir experience! I loved working with these fine teenagers. They became some of my dearest friends.

Friday, July 13, 2007

Jeremy and Kendra--BYU graduates!

Congratulations you two! We are so proud of you. Kendra--I'll be your patient anytime!! Jeremy, good luck with BYU Law School!

Cody lights up our lives!

Jaynee--welcome to earth!

A new Moore family addition; Jaynee Brook! Congratulations Meredith! We love you!

The Rod Johnston Family

Dad and Theresia always make visits TASTY and enjoyable! Good food, good company, and great memories that last and last.

Visiting Grandpa and Becky

It was good to visit Grandpa Coy and Becky. It's always a hoot when Grandpa teases and tickles the kids. It's a treat to have them love him as much as I do!!

The Flake/Johnston/Palmer Utah Trip 2006

The WHOLE Moore gang!

We sure love the Moore family. They are so good to us. Thanks guys!

Disney Carrousel Kicks!

My Cody-boy loves carrousels (sp?). He was willing to wait as long as needed to get a ride on that horse!!

My "Jamers"

Jamie Alston, my forever buddy. I just wanted you all to meet her. She makes me so happy. She lifts me up when I'm feelin' low. Love ya, Jamers!

Cousin Train Ride

(From the Back Left) Hunter, Cody, Blake, Amber, Mariah, and Michayla.
We LOVE our family. We took a trip to go see Brent (my brother), his wife, Michelle, and their three kids. We had such a wonderful time. NOW, we're going to move next door to them! We can't wait!

Holt Ward Relief Society Presidency

These women, Barbara, Diana, and Leah, have been my greatest friends here in Michigan. We have worked countless hours trying to take care of 215 women in our ward. They are the salt of the earth. Thanks gals!

Lighting the Skies with Sparklers

Mariah became pretty ingenious and creative with her sparklers. She made some fantastic shapes! Having lived in AZ for so long, we were not accustomed to fireworks being legally set off by regular, every-day people. People sitting next to us set off some amazing fireworks! The firework blasts continued on until 1 am! What an experience!

Sparkler Magic!

Amber, Mariah and Cody were ecstatic when Hunter pulled out his blow-torch and sparlers. Hunter's always prepared for play-time. The kids lit sparklers for at least an hour.