Hunter and Julie Moore

Hunter and Julie Moore
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It's ALL GOOD :-)

It's ALL GOOD :-)



Moore Family February 2011

Moore Family February 2011

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THE Johnston-Flake Gang
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Johnston Family



Saturday, October 31, 2009


Trunk or Treat fun at the church house. Cody and Amber were amazed with Matty's professional plastic nose and warts.

Mariah had spiked a fever 2 days earlier and didn't get to attend the trunk or treat, but we allowed her to go trick or treating later on. Isn't she a beauty??

You'd never know that these kids are really SHY!!! j/k

The Jasinksi Family (and Amber)
One of the games the young men prepared for the Halloween party was a pie toss, and there were not enough "faces" to throw pies I volunteered. The first pie--which was a pie tin filled with chocolate pudding, hit me right in the kisser!! Amber and Cody were SOOO excited to take their turns tossing pie tins at their mother. Fortunately, Brandon Ballard relieved me after ten tosses or so. I had a lot of fun! I don't mind getting dirty--I think too many people worry too much about looking pretty all the time. The kids enjoyed the pie toss most of all.

The Bishops of Westwood 1st Ward and 2nd Ward-Bishop Smith (on the far left side).

Our friends Betty and Sarah

We love Halloween traditions! The Ballard family came over after the trunk or treat and walked our neighborhood with us as the kiddos gathered candy. We really love them. What a great night!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Pumpkin Carving Tradition

This was Cody's choice--the barn.

He was set on carving this design--who knows why? He sure was a great helper, though. All my kids jump at every opportunity to wield knives. :-)

This activity was really fun! It took me 3 hours to draw and carve each design, but I think this "MULTI-FACED-PUMPKIN" will be our new family least until we have more than 4 kids (4 sides).

This spider was Mariah's design.

Amber chose the moon and stars.

Sterling rolled around and swept the floor around us as we carved the pumpkin. Daddy cleaned and baked the seeds.

We just love this little boy!! His smiles lighten our days :-).

Oh--not only is he beginning to crawl, he now has 2 teeth!! CRAZY!


Daddy takes the kiddos to the Santa Monica Beach

Hunter took all 4 kids to the beach while I played the piano and visited with the women in our ward during a Visiting Teaching Conference. I don't know many mothers who would be brave enough to venture to the beach with with 4 kids--let alone men!! YOU ARE AWESOME HUNTER!! I was really impressed! AND he took pictures! Major points there, honey!!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Family Update-OCTOBER

So--I'm trying to find the ray of sunshine in my gloomy household right now. Our whole family got hit with sickness this past week. Sterling has been up every hour for the last 3 nights. We finally got him into the doctor yesterday--only to be told that all the pharmacies close-by were out of amoxicillan (sp?). Fevers, runny noses, regergitation, and other malidies have plagued our home (along with most the homes in our area). THANKFULLY--it lookes like we're now on the mend!! My head is beginning to de-fog, and I'm starting to think clearly again! YAHOO! The 3 older kids are doing well, and Hunter is feeling much better, too. YEAH!

I've decided to begin a "WHY I LIKE LA" list--so I stay positive when I'm missing my friends and family so much, and I'm wishing for seasons.

1. The beach is A-OKAY! We all have a great time there--and it's WAY inexpensive entertainment!
2. Disneyland is only 30-45 minutes away (depending on traffic).
3. I like walking in great weather--and only CA offers such great weather for the majority of the year.
4. I've met some terrific people here, and I look forward to getting to know them better.
5. I like our home and our neighborhood.
6. I'm so glad the kids have great teachers in a great school.
7. I've felt relatively safe here.
8. I love that we live close enough to Hunter's work that he can come home for lunch!
9. I really like the diversity here. I've been learning a lot about the Jewish faith.
10. I love living close to the temple!!!!!!

I'll keep you posted with my new list next week. My goal is to be seeking for good things here. It doesn't do me any good wasting time feeling sad that I'm so far away from my loved ones. Wish me luck!!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Cody learns to ride his 2-wheeler!

Cody did it! We're so proud of him!!!!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

LA Latter-Day-Saint Temple

Forever Families is what the temple is ALL about! It was so great having Poppy and Nanna Moore at the temple with us! Good times, fabulous company! The plan of salvation couldn't be more perfect :-).

This statue gets me teary-eyed every time I stand in front of it. It reminds me of OUR family! Each child has claimed a statue--including our still-born (Rodney--who is the tallest boy :-). This makes our temple visits very personal.

LA School Days

On a normal school-day, we're all up by 6:30. Breakfast and scriptures at 6:50. Instrument practice from 7-7:45. Lunches are made and distributed, and Sterling is tucked into his stroller by 7:50. We walk a 1/2 mile to Westwood Charter Elementary, and Sterling and I walk back. During a normal day, I walk two-three times a day....yup--2-3 miles a day!! Yes, we have a car, but parking isn't an LA commodity. The walking is good for my figure, too :-). I'm forced to exercise every day! Not bad! Cody is able to sit on the front of the stroller--so he doesn't have to take on the extra miles during the day. It's all good :-).

Disneyland for Hunter's Birthday

We mananged to get the 3 older kids babysat (thanks to wonderful women in our ward), and Hunter, Sterling, Poppy and Nanna Moore, and I took off for Disneyland for Hunter's 33rd b-day!! WOO HOO! It was a DREAM-COME-TRUE-DAY! Sterling was wonderful, too! Hunter and I really needed a day like this. THANK YOU POPPY AND NANNA MOORE!!

Sterling found his tongue just two weeks ago! He's been sticking it out now when he smiles.


Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Poppy & Nanna Moore visit LA!! WOOHOO!



Conference plug-in with the Moores.
Hunter sets up General Conference on his lap-top and connects it to our t.v.--that way, we all get to sit around at home and relax while we listen to the broadcast. Pretty fabulous!

Nanna gets Sterling to sleep. YAY!!

Poppy Moore is always a BIG help in the kitchen!!

The kids have a "dinner chart"--tonight was Mariah's night to help. It's really been fun to see how excited the kids get when it's their night to help.

Nanna & Sterling