Hunter and Julie Moore

Hunter and Julie Moore
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It's ALL GOOD :-)

It's ALL GOOD :-)



Moore Family February 2011

Moore Family February 2011

THE Johnston-Flake Gang

THE Johnston-Flake Gang
Christmas 2010

Johnston Family

Johnston Family



Friday, October 31, 2008

McCarter Elementary Halloween Parade

The elementary kids all filed behind the high school drum line and walked the streets around the school. Michelle and I got to view the parade on the side of the road with Allyson and the 2 youngest Christensen girls. Too much fun!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Church Trunk or Treat

Cody (Commander Cody from Star Wars) and Blake (Batman)

Hunter (Kansas Chief's Coach)

Amber (Mulan)

Mariah (Cleopatra) and Geisha Girl

from the Moore family :-).

Julie and Traci Christensen

Lovin' the potato bar.
Thanks to all the group that made our Ward Party so FUN!!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Pumpkin Carving Family Home Evening

Can I even express how grateful I am for family??! Nope--not possible. Here's my attempt...I LOVE having cousins experience life together. It's so fun seeing the kids grow, laugh, struggle & get back up, and play together. It makes me soooooo happy.
The holidays are certainly my favorite time of year, and I get so excited to make more holiday memories each year. Unfortunately, we won't be making the trip back to AZ for Christmas this year, but we'll cherish every moment we've got with the KS Johnston fam'!!! They're the salt of the earth :-). The kiddos really had a great time pulling all of the gooey-guck out of the pumpkins, and Michelle roasted the seeds and had pumpkin cookies all made-up for us to enjoy during the carving. She's a domestic goddess :-).
We miss our extended family--and want you all to know that we're thinking of you often.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Auburn, NE Park time

Omaha Zoo Trip

Amber, Michayla and Ashley

The Butterfly Dome

Shark Tunnel

The Blairs

The Johnstons

Penguin Habitat

YES--we brought all of these kids!!

We were amazed how many other people ventured to the Omaha Zoo on a 40 degree, rainy day. Surprisingly, we weren't alone!! Because a lot of the exhibits were indoors, we were all stripping the winter gear off every ten minutes--and then putting it all back on to go back outside. Regardless--we had a blast! The Indoor Rain Forest was absolutely amazing! And although many of us adults from AZ weren't as fascinated as the kids, they really loved the huge Desert Dome. We saw HUGE fish--far bigger than people! This was the prelude to the hotel swimming and hot tubbing--which was much appreciated after the cold :-). Michelle and Brent were brave enough to babysit the Blair's kids, our kids, and all of their own kids so we could take a trip to the Omaha Temple. It was, as usual a beautiful experience. And if you can believe it...Brent and Michelle had ALL 11 children asleep when we got back!! I believe they should be named "PARENTS OF THE YEAR"!!!

Hunter made sure to identify all his "mission-spots" while we drove around Omaha. He was nostalgic the whole time. What a great trip!!

Mariah's Achievement Days Hawaiin Luau

Mariah and the other gals from the Kaw Valley Ward worked together to prepare a Hawaiin dance and a fabulous night out for their parents. The leaders served a delicious Hawaiin Haystack dinner. The girls really did a great job! We're so proud of them!

Traci Christensen and her daughter, Mikenna, and Mariah and I.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Politics and Opinion

Politics***I've had a tough time choosing who I'm going to vote for this year. I'm certainly a Republican. However, I feel like the choice is between two democrats this year. Yes, McCain claims to be a Rebuplican, but he prides himself on "crossing party lines" on many issues--some I just don't agree with.

So which man is capable, competent, and intelligent enough to lift our economy out of its current slump?? I would like to hear some well-thought out comments that don't include the mud-slinging!! A President should be able to stand on his own opinions--w/out having to taint his opponent in the process. McCain is certainly a dirty fighter (mud slinger), and that doesn't sit well with me. I think it's insulting to my intelligence.

I've heard many people say that one should vote for one's party irregardless of the credentials or likeability of the candidate. I don't agree. I think a candidate should earn their votes. I want heart-felt, articulate, intelligent answers--and a lot less cut-throat politics.

I do like both the VP nominees. I think both Sarah Palin and Jo Biden are good choices for VP. Sarah is likeable and Jo is a leader I would follow. But this ISN'T a popularity contest!! I would love to hear Palin step away from her memorized rhetoric and say something candidly. Jo appears to be a man who could handle the Presidency.

I worry about Barack's inexperience, and I get queezy every time McCain uses the term "friends" in each of his responses. I feel like the term "friend" is a special title that has to be earned--and he uses it all too carelessly. Hunter and I have been following the debates, reading up on the issues, and discussing our views on each of the candidates, but we've both struggled with this election. We'll have to decide soon.

What's your stand???

BBQ at McCarter Elementary

Brent and Mariah

Leslie, Cory (one of Mariah's best buddies), Mariah and Julie

Amber and Mrs. Garrett (her 1st grade teacher)

I got to jump in the car with Michelle today and go to the kiddos school for their annual BBQ. It was fun to see all the kids--Blakester, Michayla, Amber and Mariah. We were able to eat with them and gab about all that happens during their school days. We love McCarter Elementary!!


Amber had a dangling tooth for the past week. She was determined to keep Hunter and I from pulling it for her because she wanted her school teacher, Mrs. Garrett, to pull it for her. Hunter joked about having to pay Mrs. Garrett a dental bill. Sure enough, two days ago, Amber convinced her teacher to yank her tooth out. She returned home with a "tooth envelope" that had a message from Mrs. Garrett. It said, "Mrs. Garrett gets half of the Tooth Fary money!!" Hunter and I had a laugh and sent Amber back to school with two dollars--one for Amber and one for Mrs. Garrett. Funny. And yes--Amber's other front tooth is about to fall out, too! Our little girl will surely be asking for "two front teeth" for Christmas!! :-)

Hunter, Josh & Joni Mickelson

On Monday night (October 6th), we enjoyed family night with a few other friends. The Mickelson's, Giffords, Christensens, Blairs, and Reynolds ate goodies and played games with us. We have so many great families here in Topeka.

Sunday, October 5, 2008


What a fun day! Hunter is yet another year older. We enjoyed conference as a family--playing BINGO with gummy bears and m&m's. Then, we culminated the night with a beat-down in many games of Nertz at the Johnston's home. Brent whooped us all. AND--of course, we love ANY and all reasons to eat cake! We'll celebrate again tomorrow night. We love B-days!

High School Musical ON ICE!!

Uncle Brent took the girls with Michayla and Blakester to see High School Musical on Ice. The girls jumped around for a good two hours after the show--excited to tell me every detail they could remember. What a great memory!! Thanks Uncle Brent!!

"White Out" Football game outing

Our family prepared for the "white out" attire and drove to Kansas City to see the football game between Northwest (Missouri State) and Pitt State (Iowa). Northwest rocked Pitt State. It was the kids 1st college football game. They loved the bands, the cheerleaders/dancers, the mascots, the baton twirlers, the screaming after each first down, and the opportunity to walk "behind the scenes" in the Arrowhead Stadium. Hunter showed them where he worked and introduced us to a few pivitol people there. All in all--a great time!